Meizu M8 Azithromycin Adventures Archibald Adventures V1.04

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Azithromycin Adventures Archibald Adventures V1.04  


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Game Name: Azithromycin Adventures Archibald Adventures V1.04 
【Introduction】: In this funny action puzzle game, the assist azithromycin Klumpfus doctor to avoid him at the lab building to set up all the traps. In this mystery more than 100 points to test your ability and intelligence! 
Azithromycin and Klumpfus crazy professor at start of combat in the laboratory building. Idiot scientists latest experimental mess, a strange life form from the container and ran away. Now, one central computer **** warriors imprisonment



Game method of operation: a finger to operate mobile, and some points you can click the protagonist will be the emergence of a bubble, and then can control the movement of air bubbles, and then click the bubble, the bubble will burst 
Bubble landed on Mobile box, then click the boxes will stick to the box, thereby pulling the box, more operations can be seen below 
Videos of Games, although that is the PC version, but the same control, but he used the mouse only. 

Games I do not how to play, everyone under a lot of digging it!  


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Known issues:

- if the screen turns off after a while and you resume playing it will turn off itself every 5-10 seconds or so (game restart is needed, otherwise you have to press the M button occasionally)
- default volume setting is too loud but you can set it in the options menu

note: icons will be placed on the 3rd desktop 


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