M8 Optimize Wizard 1.1.0 version 3.20 update

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ผมขอแ ปะใว้ก่อนนะครับ สนใจ app ตัวนี้มานานแล้วเพิ่งจะมีคนแปลมาให้ ขอบคุณ tilai ครับ

M8 优化精灵1.1.0安装版(by Keen).rar 

First screen:
Sound settings
System settings
Files association
Program management
Desktop management
System path
System info
(And at the bottom are 'Back' on the left and 'About' on the right)

Sound settings page (list of switches):
Overall volume level
Music on startup
Music on shutdown
Low battery alert
Battery recharge complete alert
Keystroke sound
Unlock alert
USB connection alert
Event alert
Screen alert (sound for togging on/off switches?)
Fade in/crescendo sound
Incoming mail alert
Sent mail alert
Start unlocking alert (no idea what is the difference from unlocking alert above, haven't tested)
Moving desktop icons alert (custom sound / restore to default / play current music)
Refresh list of audio prompts (custom/restore/play current)
Camera shutter sound (custom/restore/play...)
NOTE: Some toggled sound settings returned to 'default' on restart...

System settings:
Input font setings
-- A4 input
Font setup
- Font setup -- (choose font file)
- Startup (heavy anti-aliasing?)
- Startup forced restore 
- Startup smooth font
- Startup Clear type
-Gamma level
-Font cache
- (Back -- restore default -- Confirm)

Backup and restore settings
- Background light settings
- Ringtones settings
- Wallpaper settings
- (Back -- Restore -- Backup)

Wifi enable
Edge enable
Adjust window title bar height

Files association:
(List of file types)
Back -- Edit/Delete (greyed out, if file selected before pressing, have Edit/Delete/Cancel) -- Other
On clicking other, you get 4 options -- New, Backup, Restore and Cancel.
If you click new (or Edit option above)
- Name of file type
- Program path
- Icon/Thumbnail path
(Cancel -- Confirm at the bottom)

Program management:
List of programs already installed
Back -- Uninstall

Desktop management:
(List of icons on your desktop)
Back -- Edit/Delete (greyed out, if an icon selected first and then pressed on it, gives you the option Edit/Delete/Cancel) -- Other
On clicking other, you get 5 options -- New desktop icons, Delete obsolete icons, Backup, Restore and Cancel.
And on clicking New (or Edit from above), you get
- Name of icon on desktop
- Program path
- Desktop image path
Desktop page number
Icon sequence number
Conceal (switch)
.... Preview of icon
(Cancel -- Confirm at the bottom)

System path:
(List of paths)
If you click on one of the paths, you get a change record option (central option)
(Back -- Change record -- Other)
Clicking on Other you have: Backup / Restore / Cancel

System info:
System info
- Phone serial number
- IMEI number
- Date of production
Memory info
- Internal memory capacity
- Available memory
- Memory usage
Battery info
- Recharging status




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