18 million U.S. dollars acquisition of Meizu Meizu fan pushing M9, MBOOK so new!



Source: Times of: Meizu fans time :2010-04-01 00:15 Views: 11364 times Text: 

【Time】: Meizu professional site acquisitions throughout the world, boosting "Meizu M9" and "MBOOK" The new sales.

Meizu M8 in the past year, been numerous passenger aircraft called the "God-made machine." Recently, Zhuhai Meizu Technology Co., Ltd., in order to "Meizu M9" and "MBOOK" a new round of promotion, Meizu began to spend heavily in the world, with particular focus on traditional paper media and network media, or even to start in South Korea, Japan, India, Russia and the United States and other areas related to the acquisition Meizu professional site and the community.

As the popular software download specializes in M8, Meizu Meizu fans the latest information, has been Meizu company about 18 million U.S. dollars to buy.

Let the experts and analysts eye drop is Meizu fan ( www.meizumi.com ) has only a newly established professional site Meizu.

Meizu company marketing executives interviewed claimed, was recently approached two Meizu Meizu professional site, has acquired successful Meizu fan, mainly because Meizu fans daily updated news of software and very fast, friendly experience effective charm , to a certain level of charm You bring the enthusiasm. Second, the Meizu fan of the team work spirit is very strong, almost the first time the new software can be posted to the Meizu fan site offers to charm friends to download, but the service Meizu fans are slightly better with the industry-related sites, such as Meizu fan M8DOCK a key green package, the official forum on its Web site and download the amount of home on a Meizu dealers and the lazy and novice friendly charm save a lot of time.

About Meizumi.com site content, the official said, which is lacking in other sites, Meizu Meizu fans provide almost all the relevant content, including software, themes, wallpaper, shop, news, tips, specialty stores and more!

Asked to price the issue, the responsible person laughs Meizu should be a relatively significant price, of course, Meizu is doing a lot here before the acquisition of the evaluation work. In fact, the Meizu fan (www.meizumi.com ) is a person responsible for the early, vice president of domestic mobile phone companies.

When the reporter asked again, Meizu will choose when to formally announce the acquisition of information, the Meizu The responsible person said, is today.

"Why Meizu Meizu fans today to buy it?" Reporters asked

"Because ... ... oh ... ... how do you say" head Meizu market seems a little hesitant.

"You still say, are you, after all, this is no small news", reporters began to extract confessions.

"Well, the reason why today the acquisition Meizu Meizu fan because ... ... because ... because ... because ... ... ... ..."

In the end because of what? ?

What in the end because? What do you think?

Today is April 1st! ! !

Meizu fans of all teams, I wish you all "love"! ! 




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