Guide How to translate Apps and regedit

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Tweaking the registry by Beer2nd

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ไม่แปลเป็นไทยนะครับ สำหรับเฉพาะท่านที่ทำเป็นเท่านั้น
การทำ registry edit มีความเ สี่ยงถึงเครื่องเจ๊งได้ ถ้าจะทำควรศึกษาให้ชำนาญเสียก่อน

I've used PDA phone (WM6) and there are some tweaking for better performance in WM6 devices.

But for M8, I've tried to change 3 points ,however, I can't really see any significant improving in performance (but a bit smoother):

WARNING: I do not take any responsibility for any damage you might cause to your phone! (Try it on your own RISK!!!)

So I've changed :


Change limit from 20480 -> 40960

2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\StorageManager\Filters\f sreplxfilt :

Change ReplStoreCacheSize from 0 -> 20480

3. HKLM\System\StorageManager\FATFS\CacheSize:

Change from 0 -> 20480


ใครอยากทำ ศึกษาอันนี้ก่อน

 Ok.. here goes my report of how to change stuff in M8: I choose to change the clock city name as well as keep the time from changing everytime i synced my phone to PC. 

I am not a programmer/developer by far... Basically this cheats the system in displaying my city name and keeps the clock from resetting to the time of the city whose name i changed in the M8... I choose to change Beijing to Dubai; this method, i believe, doesn't add the city Dubai instead of Beijing, i think Beijing must be hardcoded in the clock software, but what it does is fool the system in reporting Beijing as Dubai. So, is not a real substitute from having a full world clock on the M8, plus its also not permanent, will have to be done after every fw. Also i don't know if this could be done in some simpler method.

Two step method involves changing a registry value as well as the mui: 

For Registry Edit: 

HKLM\Time Zones
If you expand the time zones key, you will see all the reported world time zones, pick yours; then enter that key name into the 'default' string of HKLM\Time Zones - replacing: China Standard Time

To change the city name in the clock program: 
I use this resource editor:
XN Resource Editor
from the 'windows' directory of the M8 i copied clock.exe.0409.mui to my PC desktop. 
Opened the file with the resource editor... goto string 42 or 43 and change the name of any city you want, keep the '|' in between the GMT number, city name and country name. 
Also curious note, all GMT +/- are reversed in this string. For example Beijing is actually +8, but the number next to beijing is -8, don't know why. There are three chinese cities in the clock list all +8 GMT, those are the ones i choose to change... don't know if you can add a city here, didn't try, as i don't know much about this stuff. 

Now save the file. 
Copy the changed file to a temp directory on the M8.
Then goto 'documents' from the main menu.. goto windows folder and launch explorer.exe
now, in explorer find your changed file on the M8, copy it and place it in the windows directory. restart the phone. 

NOTE: Explorer.exe is in chinese, but navigation and cutting pasting is easy to figure out. When it comes time to replacing the changed file in windows directory a chinese pop asks if you want to replace or not replace (just like in windows) - i don't read chinese but i pressed the very first button, and this apparently does the job. 

Hope this helps, feel free to point out what i did wrong! 

Ok here goes how to modify the language on your phone:

1. You have to download Resource Hacker from here. I have only used this so don't know about other programs.
2. Go to the Windows directory of your M8 (from M8's file browser) and run explorer.exe from there
3. Go to Windows directory again (still on M8) and then View menu > 3rd option from the top
4. Press on the 3rd column's top to sort the files by extension, then select all files with MUI extension just like you would do it on your computer

5. After you selected the files go to Edit > Ctrl+C then go back to Disk directory and paste all files to a directory of your choice (File > Ctr+V) - The reason you have to do all this is because you can't reach the Windows directory from your PC.
6. You can now connect the phone to your computer and copy all those MUI files to a directory of your choice (be sure to backup the original files, in case something goes wrong)
7. Open one of those files with the Resource Hacker

8. After you edit something you have to press the Compile Script button, and then save the file in File menu.
9. Once you modified something copy the MUI file back to M8's Disk folder, and launch Windows>explorer.exe again
10. Select the file(s) you just copied on your phone, and go to Edit>Ctrl+C
11. Browse Windows directory and go to Edit>Ctrl+V
12. If a dialog box pops up asking you if you want to overwrite the original file just press the first button.
Note: in some cases the original file can't be overwritten. One workaround I found is to rename the original file to whatever you want, then you can copy your modified one 
13. In order to see the changes you made, restart the phone, and if you did everything right, you now have a modified UI 

I hope everything was clear, but if not, feel free to ask questions. 


Guide How to translate Apps

This is guide how to translate applications from chinese to english/russian (what you like more .
You must use 2 programs for translate - Radialix ENG (trial, but you can use it more than 30 days if you know how to use Google  andOgreGUI ENG (free).

I give the tutorial and use for sample app M8Msg.

1.Download this programs and install it.
2.Run Radialix, and you select your exe file and drop it with mouse to Radialix window.
3.Set properties in the dialog as at the screenshots and press OK:

4.To correct see hieroglyphs your windows must have support of chinese language (Language East Asia),if not you see only squares instead of text...
5.If all correct, select in the left window HARDCODED and scroll down right list to this line ~HARDCODED.ASCIIZ_STRINGS
6.Then, scroll this list up, to see some Program's strings - in my example this is screen of M8MSG:

We must scroll up, to see string \Disk\Received files. If in the program isn't english strings, scroll and compare hieroglyphs 
Then focus your eyes, think as a Chinese (or call to your god to help you) and search near the hieroglyph strings as at the screen:

As you see, that string \\Disk\Received files has the address 00046604, and the all strings down to it we must translate-if you compare it with the screenshot above it's all are in it.
7.For change value of string you must right click mouse and select Toggle Read-only and then double-click at the column named Translation (in my sample German) and write your string in English.
But we have trouble-2 hieroglyph can mean 25 words in english, but length of string is only 2 symbols. Second program-OgreGUI helped us. In radialix you translate all hieroglyphs as you can, for example with Google translator - simply copy-past strings, but when insert string in the column you must truncate it to the original length. 
For example, string 00046FC8 in my example translated as Basic Settings, but length only 4 symbols - write BaSe in the row translated string not good, but we can later write normal correct value in OgreGUI. So, write small values in radialix, then right-click mouse to the name of your exe file in the right window and select BuildTarget File. Radialix generate file in the same directory, with other name.
8.Run OgreGUI, In second dialog select your exe file, in next dialog set all as:

and press next
9.In the next dialog press F3 and search one of your strings - in my example BaSe, then double click on it and edit to Basic Settings. All strings usually near one with other. When you edit all strings as you want, press next and next. 
10. It's moment to know who you are - looser or winner  Copy ypur translated file to the M8 and run it! I'm in my example translate only one string and this is: